Getting Better at Chords - 117

podcast Mar 25, 2020

Want to move your chord playing forward, but you’re not sure what to work on?Today as part of the guitar 30 challenge, I’m sharing my roadmap to chord master, from start to finish.

I start with two of the most common problem areas of new guitarists:

  • Playing chords correctly
  • Moving...
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Return of the Guitar 30 Challenge! - 116

podcast Mar 18, 2020

It’s back! Join me this month for my 2nd annual practice challenge. This may be the perfect time to ramp up your guitar skills and see the benefits of a solid routine.

Last year we had a blast on the challenge. I thought that with the very difficult times that we are having, a nice...

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Strategies For Practicing Guitar - 115

podcast Mar 11, 2020


Having a hard time knowing what to practice? You aren't alone. Today, i go over my three practice strategies that will have you covered, no matter what you are going through

  • Well rounded routine - 50/50
  • Song Intensive routine
  • Targeted problem routine

Once you can move from one routine...

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Interview With Island Styles From Candlebox - 114

podcast Mar 03, 2020


Join me today for this  really fun interview with Island Styles.

Island is a fantastic guitarist who plays with Candlebox and jimmie's Chicken Shack.

We talk about being on the road, practicing, different gear for different situations and so much more. 

I also found out some...

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Surround Yourself With the Right People - 113

podcast Feb 26, 2020

Dealing with people can be difficult when playing music. 

This is the other stuff!

This is what most don't think about when they start to become musicians.

We tend to focus on what is in front of us, like:

  • A challenge
  • A new riff 
  • A new scale
  • A new song or setlist
  • New Chords or Rhythms...
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Should I Upgrade My Guitar or Buy New? - 112

podcast Feb 18, 2020

Does your guitar leave something to be desired. Does it struggle to keep up with your playing?

Today, I’m going to go over the things to consider before you decide whether to upgrade or buy new.

Upgrading and buying a new guitar can be so much fun. I've purchased and...

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Know Your Common Chord Progressions on Guitar – 111

podcast Feb 12, 2020

If you asked me what the one thing is that you can master that will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time, I’d say: Chord Progressions.

I learned pretty early on that having a solid foundation in chord progressions would help me in almost any area of guitar that I wanted...

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Interview With Angela Petrilli - 110

podcast Feb 05, 2020

Today, I Interview LA Guitarist Angela Petrilli.

We’re talking about solid rhythm guitar playing, tasteful solos, open tuning, singing and playing and so much more! 

Angela Petrilli is a pro guitar player from Los Angeles.

Growing up in a musical and artistic household, Angela first...

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Guitar Hand Strength and Flexibility - 109

podcast Jan 29, 2020


Have you had hand or wrist issues when playing chords? Have you experienced hand cramps or sharp pains when trying to play certain things? Today, I talk about how much hand strength you need and about a type of exercise that can help these problems.

First, I go over the different types of...

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Problems Playing Chords - 108

podcast Jan 22, 2020


Are your chords being played as clean as possible?

Have you had issues getting all of the notes to ring true without any unwanted notes or sounds? Today I fix the two biggest chord playing problems and give you the steps to take to play them great, every-time!

Did chords come easy to you...

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