Effects Pedals, the Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 3 - 019

podcast May 08, 2018

Today, I’m talking Pedals, Pedals, and more Pedals!

Effects Pedals


I love guitar pedals. They are such fun. Get a few well researched pedals and they can take your playing to new heights. They can take your regular guitar and amp sound and supercharge it.

I’m going...

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Amplifiers, the Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 2 - 018

podcast May 01, 2018

Once you understand how classic amps are used for different styles of music, you will be able to make better decisions with your own gear



On todays episode I’m continuing down the path to great guitar tone with part 2: Amplifiers.

Yep those stacks of suitcase...

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The Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 1 - 017

podcast Apr 24, 2018

Today, I start down the path to great guitar tone. It’s all about what guitar to get for the style that you want to play.

Getting the right guitar for the job


On todays episode titled The path to great guitar tone: part 1, I’m going to start to help players who are...

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Trapped in the Pentatonic Box - 016

podcast Apr 17, 2018

Today I’m going to share a technique that I use to help guitarists who can’t seem to get past playing pentatonic scales.



On todays episode titled Are you “Trapped in the Pentatonic box?” I have some very cool and simple ideas for you to...

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Bust Out of Your Guitar Plateau! - 015

podcast Apr 10, 2018

Today, I help players get through the dreaded Guitar Plateau. I break down the reasons that this might happen and what you can do to bust through your guitar rut!

On today’s episode:


I’m going to deal with the thing I like the least in my journey with the...

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How to Make Your Guitar Solos Sound Better - 014

podcast Apr 03, 2018

Today, I answer the question: How do I make my guitar solos sound better!


What’s holding lead guitarists back?


On todays episode titled: How to make your guitar solos sound better, I take some time to really understand the things that are holding lead guitarists...

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The Minor Pentatonic Scale - You're Already Playing Outside - 013

podcast Mar 27, 2018

Today, I talk about why the minor pentatonic scale works so well… when it shouldn’t


On todays episode I start to unravel a big topic that most new lead guitarists don’t think of right away.



We are all taught that matching your scales to...
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What Chords Sound Good Together on the Guitar? - 012

podcast Mar 20, 2018

Today, I answer the question: What Chords Sound Good Together On The Guitar? To do that, we are going to learn all about Diatonic Chords



On todays episode titled: What chords sound good together on the guitar? We are going to start to answer this...

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How Would You Help a Beginning Guitarist Get Started? - 011

podast Mar 13, 2018

Today, I ask the question: How would you help a beginning guitarist get started?




On today's episode we are going to help new guitar players get started in the right direction.

You would think learning guitar should be so simple with all we have available to...

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How To Avoid Frustration When Learning Guitar - 010

podcast Mar 07, 2018

Today, I talk about the steps to take to avoid frustration when learning the guitar.




On todays episode titled “How To Avoid Frustration When Learning Guitar”, I go over the most common problems that you will deal with when learning the...

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