Using a Metronome - Making the Most of Your Practice Time - 147

podcast Oct 20, 2020

What's the best habit you can take on right now to speed up your progress on guitar?

It's practicing with a metronome. Join me today and find out why a metronome could radically change your progress on the guitar.

Have you ever said: "I hate practicing with the metronome. It feels cold,...

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Small Guitar Goals – Making the Most of Your Practice Time – 146

podcast Oct 14, 2020

Do you want to get better at guitar? Today, let's go over the number one thing you can do to start seeing results.. fast. Start making small goals in your practice.

Thanks for joining me for this miniseries on the podcast: all about making the most of your practice time.

For the next few weeks...

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Should I Upgrade My Guitar or Buy New? – 145

podcast Oct 07, 2020

Should I upgrade my guitar or should I buy a new or used one?

Well, that depends on two things.

1. The guitar you already have
2. What your current situation is.

Taking both of these into account is the trick to making the right decision and getting the most out of your money. And we will do...

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Finding the Time for Guitar - 144

podcast Sep 30, 2020

You dream of playing your guitar but you don't have the time.

Sound familiar? Today, I give you three tips to find the time you need to get great at guitar

Another week goes by and you didn't touch your guitar.
Or, maybe, you got a few minutes here or there but nothing that's enough to move you...

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Lydian Licks for Guitar - 143

podcast Sep 23, 2020

In this podcast, I've got five licks that show different ways you can use the Lydian mode in rock music. I'll also show you how they are constructed and how you can take these ideas and use them in your own solos.

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Lydian Mode - 142

podcast Sep 15, 2020

Today, I introduce what Lydian is, where you would play it, and how to play the Lydian mode.


Lydian is not an easy mode to demonstrate. There aren't tons of popular songs that use Lydian exclusively. But, the sound of Lydian (the raised 4th sound) can be heard in a lot of...

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Low Gain Lead Tones - 141

podcast Sep 09, 2020

Today I go over how to build and use three awesome low gain lead tones.


When you think of lead guitar, distortion comes to mind. But, some of the most popular lead guitar solos have used clean to very light gain tones.

Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn.... The...

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Mixolydian Licks - 140

podcast Sep 01, 2020

Are you learning Mixolydian mode on guitar but it just doesn't sound right yet?

Check out these seven Mixolydian licks for a guideline to incorporating this awesome sound into your guitar playing.

Last week, we spent a whole podcast checking out the mixolydian mode. It was time well spent.


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What's the Mixolydian Mode? - 139

blog podcast Aug 25, 2020

Getting into modes can be difficult to wrap your head around. Today, I get you started with the what, where, and how of the easiest mode to learn: The Mixolydian mode.

I've talked about modes in the past, But if you haven't checked out those podcasts yet, here is a quick explanation of what...

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How Do Scale Patterns Work? - 138

podcast Aug 19, 2020

On guitar, we learn scales visually without any idea what the notes are and what their function is.

Today, I'm going to show a different way of starting to play scale patterns that makes sense and gives much better results.

"Why do my solos always sound like I'm practicing scales?" If I had a...

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