My Story - Introducing the Academy - 168

podcast Mar 17, 2021

It's my turn on the community episode. Today, I'm going to share with you my story and how it ultimately led to the opening of the Academy this week.

Only two days left till Play Guitar Academy's grand opening. If you would like a well structured system that fills in the cracks of your...

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Ten Awesome Acoustic Guitar Players You Should Know - 167

podcast Mar 09, 2021

Join Lee and Scott today for a deep dive into must hear acoustic guitar players.

We will each give our top five and also ask for your top five as well.

Make sure to join in the conversation!


Mac McAnally


Tommy Emmanuel


Billy Strings


James Taylor


Leo Kottke...

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Southern Rock Guitar Licks - 166

podcast Mar 03, 2021

Bring on the Licks! Join me today as I add five new Southern Rock Guitar licks to our lick library.

Make sure you go to to get your licks and background tracks. 

This week I have:

  • Two Dorian Mode jam licks,
  • A Texas based rock lick,
  • A Classic...
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Stop Being Frustrated With Guitar Today! Let's Do This! - 165

podcast Feb 24, 2021

Today is the day! Let's work through the four simple steps to keep you on track with the guitar for good.



I love how a "why question" always creates a chain: a "why chain". One "why question" leads to another "why question."

Anyone who has been the parent of a five year old knows...

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Guitar Questions Answered - Kevin Krause - 164

podcast Feb 17, 2021



Today, on our second Q and A podcast, community member Kevin Krause brings the guitar questions. 



I had such a great time with Kevin! He had some great questions that I know will resonate with a lot of guitarists. Here are the topics that we covered:


  • Do...

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Acoustic Guitar Adjustments - 163

podcast Feb 10, 2021

It's acoustic week again!

Join us today as we examine all of the acoustic guitars adjustments and give recommendations on how to get your acoustic to play great!

Lee and Scooter go through all of the adjustments you can make to an acoustic guitar. In fact, they group them in three parts:

  1. Easy
  2. ...
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Basic Funk Guitar Licks - 162

podcast Feb 03, 2021


Guitar Lick week is back!

Join me today for five fun funk licks and a mini funk rhythm guitar lesson. I go over a basic funk lick, expand it with lead, and then play it with a bassline. I also go over the 13 slide and a cool minor funk lick using a minor 11th chord. 


  • 1....
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Why Do My Guitar Solos Sound Bad? - 161

podcast Jan 26, 2021

Are you frustrated with your soloing? Join me today as we learn the not so obvious reasons that your solos may be missing the mark.

On today's podcast, I answer this question with the big three reasons:

  1. Your guitar solos are aimless

  2. Your guitar solos sound like scales

  3. You don't understand...

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