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Basic guitar tones: Clean, Crunch, and Lead - 132

podcast Jul 07, 2020

Figuring out your own signature tone is difficult for all levels of guitarists. Getting your core tones down first before you start experimenting gives you a starting point for success. 

Finding a good guitar tone that makes you happy isn't as easy as you would think. Most guitarists start...

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Summer Guitar Tone Challenge - 131

podcast Jun 30, 2020

How's your guitar tone?

Today kicks off our Summer Guitar Tone challenge. It's time to work on our sound and get toned and ready for the summer!

The Challenge:

Each week this summer, we are going to pay special attention to our tone.

Really learning how to get the best out of your gear can be...

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Ninth Chords on Guitar - 130

podcast Jun 24, 2020

Today I'll explain what 9th chords are, how they are constructed, and all of the different types that you can use to fancy up your rhythm guitar.

Ninth chords are usually the guitarists first step into extended chords. Whether it's from a Jimi Hendrix or a James Brown song, those cool sounding...

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Fun Guitar Chords - 129

podcast Jun 17, 2020

One of my favorite things about learning songs is coming across new chords that grab your attention.

In the beginning, we work so hard on the basic chords that when we master them and finally get to learning songs, you are just content to finally be playing them. 

Then it happens....

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Stuck in a Guitar Rut - 128

podcast Jun 10, 2020


Can't make any progress and losing interest? Putting in more effort and getting less results?

Today, I show my proven path to getting back on the road to success on guitar.

How is your guitar playing going? I ask this question a lot.

It's never an answer that comes quickly. It's a...

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Guitar Arpeggios Explained - 127

blog podcast Jun 03, 2020

Arpeggios? What are these awesome sounding things? Today, I give an overview of arpeggios and how to use them.

They aren't as hard as you think and can make your solos sound great!

It's a big topic for intermediate players. Wanting to learn arpeggios signals the first steps of wanting to refine...

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The Frustrated Guitarist - 126

podcast May 26, 2020


Frustration is a big word here. And it is something that I spend a great deal of time thinking about.

Sometimes it's worth spending the time to look up the actual definition of fairly common words to pinpoint the problem and pinpoint the starting point to overcome these problems. We use...

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Lick Building Challenge - 125

podcast May 19, 2020

Join Us For This Awesome Lick Building Challenge


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been pulling together here in our community. I asked myself "How can we get through this and be better than we were before? ".

Enter the experiment. This has become something that...

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Switching Between Acoustic and Electric - 124

blog podcast May 13, 2020

Did you know that you are really learning two different instruments and both require a very different approach?

"Wait, I didn't sign up for this! I thought I was learning to play the guitar."
And even if you have a strong feeling one way or the other, there's a close to 100% chance that you...

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Welcome Back to the Guitar - 123

podcast May 05, 2020

Welcome Back!

Have you decided that now is the time to give it another shot? Have you always, in the back of your mind, wished that your first experience on the guitar went better. 

Lots of players have had to restart their guitar journey. Today, I want to help you make sure that this time...

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