Should I Learn the CAGED System? - 059

podcast Feb 13, 2019

Today, I unlock the CAGED system. I talk about what it is, my opinions of it, and how you can make the CAGED system work for you.



What is the CAGED system? 

It’s a system for understanding how basic chord shapes are laid out on the fret-board and how scale patterns...

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Listener Q&A #2 - 058

podcast Feb 05, 2019

Bringing a Bit of our Facebook Group to the Podcast



Today, we answer your questions on our second listener Q&A.

The questions cover:

  • Strong and weak beats

  • Determining the key of a song

  • Amp sim software

  • The dreaded F chord

  • Moving from electric to acoustic guitar

  • ...
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The Basics of Playing a Chord Melody on Guitar - 057

podcast Jan 29, 2019

How Do You Play a Chord Melody?



Such a small question for such a big topic.

Today I’m going to take this question an break it down to the six essential areas that you need to know to be successful playing them. They are:

  1. What is a chord melody?
  2. In what style of music...
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What’s the Best Way to Learn Songs? - 056

podcast Jan 22, 2019

Today, I take some well needed time to answer this very common question.



What is it really to learn a song?

What does it take to take a song apart, see how it is constructed, put it back together and play it.

Is it enough to just learn a song by numbers by memorizing...

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Helping the "Career" Beginner Guitarist - 055

podcast Jan 15, 2019

Today, I help “career” beginner guitarists. Getting stuck at the beginner stage sometimes can last for a really long time.  Today, I help you break that cycle and get to the next level.




In guitar, what does that actually mean?

The definition of...

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Guitar 30 Challenge! - 054

podcast Jan 08, 2019

30 minutes a day for 30 days to jump-start your practicing and get the results you need!



Is it a challenge for you to find time to practice? 

Do you find yourself spending time on things that aren’t necessarily what will make you better on the guitar.


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Learning Guitar in 2019 - 053

podcast Jan 02, 2019

It’s 2019! I take a look at what’s changed over the past year and how to make the most with your guitar progress for the year to come!



Today, I’m revisiting my first show (Learning guitar in 2018)..but with a new perspective. I’m going to go over what...

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Setting up Your Guitar - 052

podcast Dec 26, 2018

Whether your new guitar isn’t playing right or your old one needs a refresh, It’s not as hard as you think, and you already have most of what you need. 



Easy Guitar Setup

This if for those of you that feel like your guitar is always fighting you. You...

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Dynamics, Gain, and Volume - 051

podcast Dec 18, 2018

Today, I go over dynamics on the electric guitar. From clean to mean I’ll talk about getting our dynamics, gain and volume straight!



Tone tips.

When you find them, they usually revolve around gear. What amp should I get for the sound that I want. What speakers, what...

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Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales - 050

podcast Dec 12, 2018

Today, I go over the how and why of mixing major and minor pentatonic scales. 



What is it? What is that sound? That sound that you can’t quite put your finger on?

It’s not a really tense outside sound. It’s not shocking to the ear, it just...

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