When Do You Move On? - 107

podcast Jan 15, 2020

 How do you know when enough is enough?



When does practicing the same thing over and over start to have diminishing returns.


Today, I go over three big signs to look out for that you might be over practicing, and a new way to practice to fix this situation.

This topic...

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Strumming Problems - 106

Last year, the podcast that, by far, had the most responses was my episode that helped career beginner guitarists. They are guitarists who have played for years and years and never seem to get any better. 

I've found by helping a lot of "career beginner" players that they have several...

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Happy New Year - 105

podcast practice Jan 01, 2020

Just a quick episode today to wish you a happy new year and to work out why it’s so difficult to stay on a practice routine.

Every January, a lot of guitarists start up new practice routines. I find that it parallels the very common new year exercise resolutions.

It's common knowledge that...

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Take A Step Backward To Start Moving Forward - 104

podcast practice Dec 25, 2019

On today's episode, We take a look back at our playing and practicing this year. It's time to ask the questions:

  • Am I any better now than I was last year at this time?
  • What have I done this year that worked?
  • What have I done that didn't?

I then use my own playing as an example of how you can...

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The Benefits Of Using A Roadmap - 103

podcast practice Dec 18, 2019

Learning guitar should be easier than ever before... right? Then, why are so many struggling with getting significant results?

The technology has changed but people haven't. The time tested practice of having a mentor take you from point A to point B, is still the best way to learn. 


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What Guitar Accessories Do You Really Need? - 102

podcast Dec 11, 2019

Ah! Guitar accessories... extra stuff for your guitar.

Today I’m going to go over what you need, what you don’t and what to consider for the three big stages of guitar playing, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

It's always fun to get something new for your guitar, but sometimes...

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Moving From Practicing Scales To Making Melodies - 101

melody podcast scales Dec 04, 2019

Are you stuck in practicing mode?

Do your solos sound like you are practicing scale patterns?

Today I unpack a very common problem to help a founding member of the academy.

Check out what Founding member Evan shared about his experience with guitar:

      • Now that I know the basic parts, how do I...
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The Big Turning Point In Your Guitar Playing - 100

podcast practice Nov 27, 2019

If you could name the one single biggest breakthrough in your guitar playing, what would it be?

Today I go over the biggest turning point in my own playing and show you why it could be for yours as well.

Breaking out of the open position and playing more complex seventh chords is the thing that...

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Guitar Amp Software Shoot Out - 099

podcast Nov 20, 2019

Let’s have some fun today with another old fashioned shootout!

Today, I compare three computer based amp and effects software . They are:

  • Bias Amp 2
  • Scuffham S-gear 2 
  • Overloud TH3 

The goal of today's comparison is to get the best usable sounds with a minimum of effort.


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Staying In Touch With The Beginner's Mind - 098

beginner podcast Nov 13, 2019

Do you remember the excitement of first learning guitar? Has that changed for you as you’ve progressed? Today I look back at the beginner’s mind and try to use it to make your playing (no matter what level you are) more fulfilling.

In this show, you will learn the four pillars of...

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