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Premium Courses

BEGINNERS this is the help you've been looking for!

  • Start building your dexterity and Hand-Eye coordination from day one.
  • Learn the basic Chords, Strumming, and the theory you need to play tons of songs. 
  • Follow the path with daily GUIDED PRACTICE VIDEOS so you never worry if you are doing it the wrong way.

Don't ever be confused about STRUMMING again.

  • You'll learn basic rhythm and how it relates to the guitar.
  • Master Down-Up strumming over whole, half, quarter, eighth, and 16th note rhythms.
  • Finally, be able to sound great as you add interesting ideas to your strumming. 

Learn BAR CHORDS and Break out of OPEN position. 

  • Open up the fretboard by learning the common bar chord shapes and play them in all keys.
  • Get started applying your new Bar Chords over the Blues and start learning to improvise. 
  • Round out your new knowledge with boogie patterns, power chords, triplet feel strumming and open position major scale exercises.

Learn the EASY way to START SOLOING and know that you are doing it CORRECTLY!

  • Master Minor Pentatonic scale patterns over the entire fretboard.
  • Use the Blues Scale to add tension and texture to your standard licks.
  • Learn my EASY system to play over chord progressions using the entire fretboard.


  • Open up your fretboard and open up your next stage of musicianship with my major scale system.
  • Learn how chord tones and scale notes are related and work together.
  • Use basic chord theory to guide your solos for Fantastic results that are constant and repeatable

Learn the MAJOR PENTATONIC SECRET to make your solos fit perfectly over chords

  • Learn my system to take a simple scale and use it to move your playing to new heights. 
  • Master the Major Pentatonic scale in all keys, in twelve different styles of music, over the entire fretboard.
  • Begin learning how strong and weak note choices affect your melodies and allow you to target a particular chord.

Master my SECRET SEQUENCE technique and never play aimless solos again!

  • Master an easy technique that gives you an unending library of melodic ideas.
  • Learn to effortlessly use sequences in Major, Major pentatonic, and Minor pentatonic situations.
  • Take the included example sequences and use them to create multiple variations of your own powerful licks. 

Stop memorizing boring shapes and start learning WHY CHORDS WORK

  • Use EASY, BASIC chord theory to understand WHY chords work and sound like they do.
  • Understand how triads (Maj, Min, Aud, and Dim) and seventh (Maj7, Min7, Dom7, Min7b5, and Dim7) chords are built.
  • Learn how powerful the distances between notes (intervals) are and use them as your secret weapon.

Take control of all MINOR keys with the NATURAL and HARMONIC MINOR scales

  •  Open up the fretboard to natural minor in all patterns in all keys.
  • Meet your best friend when playing songs in minor keys - Harmonic Minor.
  • Target chords with and move between the Natural and Harmonic minor scales seamlessly.

Mini Courses

Finally, your guitar solos will sound Fantastic... Every Time!

  • Gain total control over your note choices
  • Move seamlessly between strong and weak notes.
  • Learn how to work arpeggios, sequences, approach notes, and rhythmic drills into your daily practice.

Academy Membership

Become a MEMBER and SUPER-CHARGE your progress on GUITAR!

  • Step-by-step weekly training that makes sure you don't miss anything you need to build the RIGHT SKILLS at the RIGHT TIME  in the RIGHT ORDER.
  • Access to ALL of my PREMIUM courses, part 2 videos, and ongoing LIVE weekly trainings.
  • Join the most supportive community of Guitar  Players on the internet!


I'm looking for a few more of MY DREAM PRIVATE STUDENTS!


  • I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Get To The Bottom Of What Is Holding You Back, and Set The Course Forward For Your Success On The Guitar!"
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced programs are tailored to your personal situation.
  • Access to weekly live small group classes exclusive to Coaching students. 


The Academy

I encourage anyone who is on the fence about joining PGA to get a running start and hop on over. I started a little over a year ago, and this past year has been my best. I started guitar almost 3 years ago, as a late in life beginner. While learning over the internet had progress for the 1st 9 months, it quickly turned to a random series of catchy lessons of the day, partially finished songs and little sense of progress. With PGA's curriculum, I know what chunk of guitar knowledge and skills I'm picking up every month. Lee's balance of technique, theory, improvisation and repertoire has increased my ability and confidence and keeps me looking forward to something new and better each week. 

Evan Raichek

The Academy

"I stated my guitar journey with Lee after 20 years or more playing the guitar without moving forward. Lee's approach and method helped me move forward quickly, and I soon found I was playing difficult leads with more ease. My theory knowledge has increased massively and I now understand what's going on. I am 10 times the player I was and feel I can now hold my own. I am also in a stronger position to work with other musicians. Lee is a fantastic mentor and I am grateful for his ongoing support. He has helped me become the guitarist I always wanted to be, and then some."

Chris Ward


I have learned so much with Lee. I feel his course has made a huge difference in my abilities and in the way I approach the guitar. I have developed a better understanding of the guitar and of music and my playing has become so much more musical.
No matter what skill level you are at, or what style you like to play, I believe Lee, the Academy, and his program can help you achieve whatever goals you have for the guitar. I’ve experienced the results firsthand. He’s the real deal. He is truly passionate about seeing you succeed!

Jim Lipa