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Rhythm Guitar

Do you want to sound great strumming your favorite songs? Learn to develop your skills and bypass all of the common problems when playing chords.

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Lead Guitar

Do you struggle with guitar solos? Having a solid understanding of Blues Lead Guitar is the first step. Strengthen your foundations with lead guitar in six easy steps.

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Had a hard time sticking with a practice routine?  Set up a fun and effective practice space that will keep you wanting to spend more time learning guitar.

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Beginner Gear

When you are new at guitar, the first purchases you make can feel overwhelming. Click here to see the list of recommendations I give to all of my new students.

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3 Note Per String Scales

If you’ve been struggling with playing fast, it might not be your technique that’s holding you back. Here is a different system for scale patterns that is guaranteed to speed up your playing!

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"Play Guitar Podcast is my favorite podcast out there. Lee is so good at being patient, yet honest about the work involved, yet all in a fun way. His love of the guitar is so evident and his tricks and tips are great as it comes from experience! Whenever i listen, which is every week, it spurs me on to get back to work on the instrument. It really is a great resource, plus Lee is such a cool guy in this world where people can hide behind their online personas. He is out there and honest and it is just awesome!!!"

Steve G.

Learn all of the basics and every adjustment you need to play CLEAN and CLEAR guitar chords everytime!

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