Chord Tone Targeting for Blues Guitar - 298

podcast Jan 24, 2023

Get Exclusive Access to "Part 2" of this Lesson: Is your blues playing a little shaky? Is your blues guitar playing a little shaky?

Stop Playing Aimless Blues Guitar Solos

Join me today as we take the mystery out of playing over blues chord changes.


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Are You Good Enough at Guitar? - 297

podcast Jan 17, 2023

Are You Good Enough at Guitar? - 297

Get Exclusive Access to "Part 2" of this Lesson:

Wanting to get good at guitar is something we all have in common, but it doesn't always mean the same thing.

Let's put a marker on what Getting good means to you and stop...

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Don't Neglect Your Chords - 296

podcast Jan 10, 2023

Don't Neglect Your Chords

Get Exclusive Access to "Part 2" of this Lesson:

Sloppy chord playing can sneak in over time or it can start right from the beginning. Let's put the focus back on chords and start tightening up our playing... TODAY!


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Simple Major Scale Mastery - 295

podcast Jan 04, 2023

Simple Major Scale Mastery - 295

Avoiding mastering the Major Scale is a common rut that I see in a lot of my students. I try to nip that in the bud the minute I see it. And today is no exception!

Get Access to "Part 2" of the lesson:

  • Beginners - Click Here...
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Using What We Have Learned - 294

podcast Dec 28, 2022

It's the end of the year and we have learned a lot.

Let's put these lessons to the test and use what we have learned!

Join me as I go through our big topics and create something special.

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The Major Blues Box - 293

podcast Dec 20, 2022

The Major Blues Box - 293



The sweeter side of blues guitar can be found in this very simple and very flexible pattern called the Major Blues Box.

Let's find out how this thing works.

See part two of this lesson inside the Academy: 


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The Blues Box - Minor Sounds - 292

podcast Dec 13, 2022

The Blues Box

What's in the box? It's a bunch of blues solos. That's what it is!

Today, we will learn what the minor blues box is and the different sounds you can get from it.

FREE Blues Guitar Soloing Course - "Get Your Blues Solos Under Control".

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My Story - Introducing the Academy - 168

podcast Mar 17, 2021

It's my turn on the community episode. Today, I'm going to share with you my story and how it ultimately led to the opening of the Academy this week.

Only two days left till Play Guitar Academy's grand opening. If you would like a well structured system that fills in the cracks of your...

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