Getting Real Success on the Guitar- 089

podcast Sep 11, 2019


Today, I’m taking you to a place you may not be ready to deal with… Your own playing. 


Hey my guitar playing Friend!

Today I’m going to talk about:

Getting real success on the guitar by “getting real”

Who is this for?

This for anyone who...

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Dialing in a Marshall Dsl 50 - 088

podcast Sep 04, 2019


Today, I’m cranking up my trusty Marshall DSL 50.

I show the process for getting all of your basic gig tones from this relatively inexpensive but awesome workhorse amplifier.


Last week we went over the basic fender sound. 

I thought this week that I would round...

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Keying Down for Vocals, Blues Turnarounds, Bracing, Fender Amp Demo - 087

podcast Aug 27, 2019


This week I answer these great questions:


  • How do you key down for vocals?
  • Any tips for playing blues turnarounds?
  • Can you help me with bracing?
  • Dialing in a Fender amp.
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Fly Rig 5 Demo, Notes to Use With Tapping - 086

podcast Aug 20, 2019


In today’s episode, I answer these great questions:

  • How do you dial in a Tech21 Fly Rig 5?
  • How do you know what notes to use when tapping?


Fly Rig 5

The Fly Rig is an awesome analog direct guitar tone generator. It’s got everything you need to get through a gig,...

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12 String, Power Chords, Strats, Electrics Similar to Acoustics, Pedal Tones - 085

podcast Aug 13, 2019


In this episode I answer these great questions:


  • What’s the best quality Fender Stratocaster for the money? 
  • What is a twelve string guitar?
  • Are power chords Major or minor?
  • What’s the best electric for those who like the feel of acoustic guitars?
  • What are...
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Learning Scales, Clean Bends, Caged Chords and Scales - 084

podcast Aug 06, 2019


This week, on episode 84, I answer these great questions:


  • Do you learn scales by memorizing patterns or notes on the fretboard?
  • Any tips on not engaging the string above the bended note?
  • How do you link chords and scales in the CAGED system?
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Playing Fast, Melodies and Chords, Key Changes, Clean Bending - 083

podcast Jul 30, 2019


This week, on the podcast, I answer these great questions:


How do you bridge the gap between playing fast and slow?
How to create or play melodies and chords at the same time without a loop pedal?
How do I use the Nashville numbering system with key changes?
Do you have some...
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Chords With Modes, Vocabulary, Plugins, My Practice - 082

podcast Jul 23, 2019


On today’s episode, I answer these great questions:

  • “Which chords are better with each mode?”
  • “How do I build vocabulary on the guitar?”,
  • “What plugins do you use for drums and other effects?”, and
  • “Hey Lee, what have you been...
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Circle of Fifths, Reggae Guitar, Intonation - 081

podcast Jul 16, 2019


In today’s episode, I answer these great questions:

1. What’s the basic use of the circle of fifths?
2. What do I need to know to play Reggae guitar?
3. What are the basics of intonation?
4. Is intonation important for slide guitar?


Leave a review: ...

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Playing Songs, Directional Picking, Scale Relationships, Mixing Scales - 080

podcast Jul 09, 2019


In today’s episode, I answer these great questions: 

1. What’s the best way to play songs without tab or chord charts?
2. Do you have any exercises that could help with directional picking?
3. What are the relationships between the big four scale patterns?
4. Do you...
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