Essential Funk Guitar Rhythm Exercise

blog Jul 10, 2018

Let this easy exercise get your Funk 16th notes in order!


Funk guitar, while so much fun, has it’s challenges. The first challenge, which I went over in my last blog post is what chords to use.

The more you listen to funk, the more cool voicings you will find. But, to me, the...

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Five Things You Need to Know to Play Legato Guitar

blog Jun 22, 2018

How do I play smooth flowing guitar?


Sometimes, you hear a certain player and think, How do they play all of those notes so fast and so smooth? Picking that fast would be close to impossible.”

Well, some players can pick very fast, but picking all of those notes in such a...

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How to Learn Guitar for Beginners

blog May 24, 2018



You have taken your first steps in the wonderful journey of learning guitar!

By reading this page, you have started out in the right direction. You have an interest in the guitar and you are looking for the right way to learn. You have made a great decision because...

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Playing Guitar Scales in Different Keys

blog Feb 26, 2018

Playing scales in different keys on the guitar is challenging!


One of the first things you learn, when you have an interest in playing lead guitar, is scale patterns. Ask any guitar player, when it’s time to start shredding you need to know your patterns.

Over my last four blog...

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Soloing Over Chords

blog Feb 20, 2018

One of the great joys of playing guitar, to me, is improvisation.


Creating new and unique melodies on the guitar can be addictive. Once you get to the point in your guitar journey where playing lead guitar becomes a priority, you are faced with a whole new set of obstacles.

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Guitar Scales: The Five Pattern System

blog Feb 13, 2018

Learning scale patterns on the guitar can be tough!


Most guitar players who come to me for help already know one or two pentatonic scale patterns. Usually it’s the Minor pentatonic pattern one scale, you know the “blues box” pattern.

What started as pure joy...

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Best Guitar Scales to Learn for Popular Music

blog Feb 06, 2018

Welcome to Part 2 of “my six step plan to learning guitar scales”.

In Part 1 we went over all of the steps in my plan to get started with guitar scales. They are:

  1. Understand how the fretboard is set up
  2. Understand what scales are and how they are built
  3. Know the best scales...
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