Happy New Year - 105

podcast practice Jan 01, 2020

Just a quick episode today to wish you a happy new year and to work out why it’s so difficult to stay on a practice routine.

Every January, a lot of guitarists start up new practice routines. I find that it parallels the very common new year exercise resolutions.

It's common knowledge that...

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Take A Step Backward To Start Moving Forward - 104

podcast practice Dec 25, 2019

On today's episode, We take a look back at our playing and practicing this year. It's time to ask the questions:

  • Am I any better now than I was last year at this time?
  • What have I done this year that worked?
  • What have I done that didn't?

I then use my own playing as an example of how you can...

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The Benefits Of Using A Roadmap - 103

podcast practice Dec 18, 2019

Learning guitar should be easier than ever before... right? Then, why are so many struggling with getting significant results?

The technology has changed but people haven't. The time tested practice of having a mentor take you from point A to point B, is still the best way to learn. 


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The Big Turning Point In Your Guitar Playing - 100

podcast practice Nov 27, 2019

If you could name the one single biggest breakthrough in your guitar playing, what would it be?

Today I go over the biggest turning point in my own playing and show you why it could be for yours as well.

Breaking out of the open position and playing more complex seventh chords is the thing that...

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Change Your Guitar Playing In 5 Steps - 097

podcast practice Nov 06, 2019

Are you ready for a big change?

Sometimes it takes drastic measures to pull yourself out of a playing rut.

Today, I’m outlining the process that I’m putting into place to transform my own guitar playing.

If you are unhappy with your playing, or want to be able do play a certain...

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Mobile Guitar Practice Space...Complete Setup

practice youtube Oct 19, 2019

Practicing during a move, or on the road, or in and unfamiliar place can be difficult!
Today, I show you all of the things I include in my very effective mobile practice space.

Look below for links to everything in my kit.


HP Pavillion laptop - https://amzn.to/2nYuzMx

Presonus Audiobox USB...

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Guitar Practice Schedule - 090

blog podcast practice Sep 18, 2019


How can I redesign my practice schedule to get the best results for me?


Today I'm gong to help you with your schedule by asking you four questions. I’ll unpack each of these questions and present you with some things that you may not have thought of. At the end of each...

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