When Do You Move On? - 107

 How do you know when enough is enough?



When does practicing the same thing over and over start to have diminishing returns.


Today, I go over three big signs to look out for that you might be over practicing, and a new way to practice to fix this situation.

This topic came to me from one of my founding members Hal. Thanks Hal!

Not knowing when to stop practicing something is a big frustration for a lot of players (especially "career beginners"). I've seen a lot of frustrated players practice something over and over and not get any better. This causes a ton of frustration and can lead to wanting to quit playing altogether. 

Sometimes, just throwing a lot of practice at something you want to learn isn't the most effective way to progress, but when you are in the middle of it, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. 


I answered the question ( When do you move on?) for three of the most common situations I've found with frustrated guitar players. They are:

  1. When you catch yourself being stubborn.
  2. When you see you are in a vicious cycle.
  3. When you are chunking it and not in the flow.


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