What’s Holding You Back From Getting Better at the Guitar – 031 - PGP
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What’s Holding You Back From Getting Better at the Guitar – 031

Stop Being Led By Your Guitar Problems! A small shift in mindset and direction can give you the right course for success on the guitar!



A lot of the players that have big frustrations, I’ve found, can be helped best by a shift in mindset.

Getting the correct attitude and approach to learning the guitar is key! You would think that chord, scales, and rhythm would be the things holding you back. 

We all have preconceived ideas of how learning the guitar is going to go. Then, when things don’t go the way we think, or we have issues with the guitar that are unexpected, things tend to grind to a halt.

So, Today, I’m going to take a look at the current common mindset of guitar students. Then, tackle this issue of mindset for all levels of guitar students.


Podcast Movement 2018


I also had a great time last week at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania! Thanks to all of the great podcasters that took the time to speak with me this week! I’ve learned so much and am so thankful to:


  • Carolyn Cole
  • Kate Boyd
  • Jonathan Strong
  • Mardi Dickinson
  • Brent Basham
  • Dan Mouyle
  • Harry Duran
  • Jereshia Hawk
  • John Sullivan
  • Pat Flynn
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Cliff Ravenscraft
  • Dave Jackson
  • Daniel J. Lewis
  • Tom Heffner
  • Christian Payne
  • Mike Russel
  • Mike Morrison

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