What It Takes to Get Good at Guitar - 035

You want to get really good at guitar, but it's a lot harder that you thought. Today, I talk about the things you NEED to get good at guitar. The Journey Starts Here!



Having a positive mindset, like I talked about in episode 31, is so very important. But, what do you do after that?

At some point you need to take action. You need to know how to stay on the path without getting sidetracked.

The reality of learning guitar today.

It’s a different world that we live in today and sometimes it seems that guitar players aren’t getting the results that they should from the technology of the day.

It’s a problem. And hopefully addressing this problem will help the many of us who are feeling frustrated and a bit left behind.

Guitar playing is a challenge no matter when you started learning. But, it seems like there is a big disconnect between the player needing help and the free content that is available.

So, today I’m going to start us on the right path. Or, if you have been playing for a while, I’ll bring you back to the right path.

Things haven’t changed much when it comes to learning guitar. The list of topics today could have just as well been the same as when I started.

We are still just people trying to express ourselves musically.

All of the advancements are great and helpful, but in the end, just smart use of your time will get you so much farther, faster than the things that the many frustrated guitarists that I have helped have been doing


Here are the things you need if you want to get on the path to mastery of your Instrument:


  • Commitment
  • Time
  • To Practice
  • A shift in thinking
  • Direction
  • Goals
  • A strong foundation
  • Inspiration
  • Help
  • To push your self


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