Unlock the Thrills of Lead Guitar - EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT- 319

Unlock the Thrills of Lead Guitar - EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT

When is lead guitar thrilling? It's when your fingers play notes that send shivers down your spine. Well, get your spine ready. This week, I'm announcing our first community-wide EVENT "Unlock the Thrills of Lead Guitar"


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When it comes to lead guitar, the thrill lies in the ability to play notes that send shivers down your spine. Get ready to experience this excitement as we announce our first community-wide event, "Unlock the Thrills of Lead Guitar." In this episode of the Play Guitar podcast, join Lee as he unveils this exciting opportunity designed to help frustrated guitarists become the players they've always wanted to be.


The episode kicks off with a warm welcome to all listeners, whether they're beginners or seasoned players, and introduces the overarching goal of the podcast: to empower guitarists on their journey to mastery. Lee emphasizes the importance of improvisation and aims to address the challenges that arise during aimless soloing.


Lee shares his insights on the key issue holding many guitarists back: incorrectly using scales. To address this, he introduces his innovative solution called "Solos that make sense," a training program that combines chord tone and chord scale soloing. Listeners are guided through the process of playing professional guitar solos, understanding why they sound the way they do, and incorporating those techniques into their own playing.


The episode delves into the core features of "Solos that make sense," highlighting how it enables guitarists to connect various elements, such as emotional expression, chord progressions, and ear training. Lee explains that each module within the program includes learning an easy yet impressive solo, receiving in-depth training on the underlying reasons behind its effectiveness, and practicing exercises that develop the ear for strong and weak notes.




While the official release of "Solos that make sense" is set for the second week of July, Lee has an even bigger announcement: the first FREE live event called:


"Unlock the Thrills of Playing Lead Guitar."




This three-part course, available to all members of the Play Guitar Community, will cover topics like understanding scales and modes, navigating the fretboard, and creating memorable and expressive guitar solos.


Lee extends a special invitation to the community members, allowing them to be a part of this exclusive event for free. He also highlights that the event recordings will later become part of a paid course. The show notes provide a call to action, encouraging listeners to register for the event at playguitarevent.com .


In the outro, Lee wraps up the episode by thanking the audience for tuning in and encouraging them to subscribe to the podcast. He emphasizes the value of leaving a favorable review on Apple Podcasts/Itunes to help spread the content to more guitarists worldwide. Finally, he invites listeners to join Play Guitar Academy, where they can find further support, structure, and results in their guitar-playing journey.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock the thrills of lead guitar. Register now for the "Unlock the Thrills of Playing Lead Guitar" event and embark on a transformative musical adventure with Lee and the Play Guitar community.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Play Guitar Podcast, and we look forward to seeing you in the next episode.



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