The REAL Way to Learn to Play Guitar – 120

A big question: What's the way to really get results with the guitar?

Learning the guitar looks easy, but I'm sure you know by now, it's not. It's a challenge and some players take up the challenge and some back away from the idea of so much work.

Today, I start off with how to start out strong on the guitar. I ask the question: What would you tell someone before they take the plunge. I then give my recommendation to beginners on how to approach buying your initial gear. And finally I go over how to pace yourself for maximum progress.

Then I share my better approach to learning guitar. I go over the good and bad things for players that only learn songs. I also go over the good and bad of the skilled player who only learns chords, scales, and theory. Then I share my approach which lands somewhere in the middle.

Finally, I shine a light on just how important guitar practice routines are. I make a case against the "a la carte" method. Then I share the three most important things that you want to repeat on a daily basis. and I round it off with how to approach new concepts on the guitar. I also advise intermediate and advanced players to do some backtracking to firm up their musical foundations.

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