Should I Upgrade My Guitar or Buy New? - 112

podcast Feb 18, 2020

Does your guitar leave something to be desired. Does it struggle to keep up with your playing?

Today, I’m going to go over the things to consider before you decide whether to upgrade or buy new.

Upgrading and buying a new guitar can be so much fun. I've purchased and upgraded many guitars over the years and I’ve made some very good decisions and a lot of terrible ones. 

The guitar that I play the most is completely upgraded. All that is left of the original guitar is the neck. I've also bought several brand new guitars that were not worth the money I've paid for them. I've also flushed a lot of money down the toilet on bridge pickups for strats for years.

But, over time I've learned my lessons and today I’d like to share my process for getting the best playing guitar for the least amount of money.

Listen to today's podcast to learn how to make the right decision about your next move towards your perfect guitar!


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