Playing in the Style of David Gilmour – 121

podcast Apr 21, 2020

What is it about David Gilmour's playing that makes it so unique?

Well, in this week's live podcast, I decided to find out. With a lot of help from the Play Guitar Community, I went about dectonstrucing David's playing and coming up with some licks of my own to see if I came close.

In the first section, I took a look at his playing choices. I found the scales he bases his lead playing on, and found the other scales that add to his core patterns.

Then I looked at the way he holds and bends notes to give a bigger and more vocal lead line.

In the second section, I went over his iconic gear. He has used so many different guitar, amps, and pedals over the years. It would take me several podcasts just to get through the list. Today, I focused on his main rig, the gear he is famous for using.

And finally, I took everything i learned and came up with two licks in his style. I have these licks available for download here:

Make sure to visit for tons of information on David and his career.

Check out the videos in this series:



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