Playing Fills In Between Chords - 122

How do you make fills between chords that sound great?

This week, the community decided the topic, and I was happy to deliver. Check out this hour long episode about the way to prepare and how to play great fills, everytime.

In section one, I show the tools that you need to play fills between chords. 

Knowing a bit of basic music theory is all you need to get started here. Understanding how scales and chords work together is a must. We start with the scale. All of our chords are build from the scale. When you know the chords and scales that are related, you can match them together.

Understanding basic rhythm is next. It's not enough to know what scale to use if you don't know when the chords change. The key to making strong sounding fills is to target the chords as they go by.

In section two of today's podcast, I go over the different styles or situations where you would play fills between chords. 

Comping cords and playing between stabs (quick staccato chords) are two different situations that require a different approach. I go over each situation and how you state or imply the harmony for each.

I then talk about Hendrix style fills that have passing chords or dyads flowing between chords.

Finally I tackle the approach of connecting simple chords with a bass-line that sets up the next chord change.

In part three, I give examples of three different scenarios, then I play through and explain them.

Go to:

to download the tablature and standard notation for all three!


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