Ninth Chords on Guitar - 130

podcast Jun 24, 2020

Today I'll explain what 9th chords are, how they are constructed, and all of the different types that you can use to fancy up your rhythm guitar.

Ninth chords are usually the guitarists first step into extended chords. Whether it's from a Jimi Hendrix or a James Brown song, those cool sounding ninth chords leave a very deep impression.

In today's podcast, I give a quick chord theory lesson to bring us up to speed. Then, we get right into using a very common F chord shape and changing it into many types of 9th chords. 

The chords I cover today are:

  • C Maj 9
  • C min 9 
  • C9
  • C7b9
  • Cadd9
  • C minor add9
  • C 6/9

Check out the podcast. When you are done, head over to and get the ninth chord sheet in our Facebook Group.


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