Mixolydian Licks - 140

podcast Sep 01, 2020

Are you learning Mixolydian mode on guitar but it just doesn't sound right yet?

Check out these seven Mixolydian licks for a guideline to incorporating this awesome sound into your guitar playing.

Last week, we spent a whole podcast checking out the mixolydian mode. It was time well spent.

We went over the What, Why, and How of this very cool mode.

But, as in a lot of very worthwhile things, learning and doing can be two very different. I have been in this situation many many times. I know it, I understand it, I can even write it down on paper, but that doesn't mean I can play it well.

Getting your mind and your ear together is very important. When you are new at a new sound, like modes.

So today, I'm going to lead you straight through this uncomfortable time and get you playing Mixolydian licks that are easy, sound very cool, and sit in one position so they are easy to visualize and remember.

Let's get started! If you want to follow along, head over to the Play Guitar Facebook Group at  playguitargroup.com to download the licks. I've got these pinned to the top post of our facebook group.

Enjoy the licks



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