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Jumpstart Your Guitar Playing - 029

Need help getting out of a guitar rut? Today, I share my most effective tips to jumpstart your guitar playing. Try these out to get your playing back on the right path!



Practice overhaul! 

Sometimes, 10, 15, even 21 tips to accomplish something can be overwhelming. When you are having problems getting better at the guitar, you are already overwhelmed.

A ton of advice could just weigh you down even more.

Today I go through just three incredibly helpful and incredibly effective tips that will change the way you play guitar. 

Not only am I recommending these tips to my students, but I am using these in my own practice routine.

The three topics I get into are:

  1. Transcribing 
  2. Playing with others
  3. Setting goals

So check out this weeks podcast to help you get back on track and moving forward on the guitar.

I also recommended some software to help with transcribing. Here are affiliate links to these products!

 Guitar Pro 7:


 Amazing Slow Downer:

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