How to Choose the Right Microphone for Guitar - 032

podcast Aug 08, 2018

Today, I’m talking microphones for your guitar! With a little bit of knowledge your rig can sound fabulous with the just the right mic.



It’s always fun to break things up with a gear episode. But, this is not your typical guitar gear episode. It’s about something that all performing guitarists have to deal with. 

It’s all about Microphones! Getting your sound of your electric or acoustic int a live mixer or recording device of some sort is not as easy as it seems!

It can be quite a struggle understanding microphones and what they do to your tone.

Just putting up a mic and hitting record dosen’t always work. The microphone can change the way your instrument or voice sounds dramatically! 

Microphone choice and technique is important to understand, even if you aren’t going the traditional amp or acoustic guitar micing route.

There are a few basic concepts that can really help you sound your best. I’m going to bring them to you with some sound clips to really help you understand how important microphones are to guitar players!


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