Guitar Hand Strength and Flexibility - 109

podcast Jan 29, 2020


Have you had hand or wrist issues when playing chords? Have you experienced hand cramps or sharp pains when trying to play certain things? Today, I talk about how much hand strength you need and about a type of exercise that can help these problems.

First, I go over the different types of pain that you may experience when starting guitar. 

Then, I make my cast for targeting flexibility instead of hand strengthening.

In the three main sections I talk about:

1 Initial Hand Strength.

2 Bad Technique

3. Flexibility

If you have ever had small to moderate hand or wrist pain playing guitar? Check out the podcast for a light at the end of the tunnel: using small movements, practiced daily, and changed the exercise each week. .

Thanks friend for listening to the podcast!


Check out this great article on flexibility for guitarists:



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