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Getting Better at Chords - 117

podcast Mar 25, 2020

Want to move your chord playing forward, but you’re not sure what to work on?Today as part of the guitar 30 challenge, I’m sharing my roadmap to chord master, from start to finish.

I start with two of the most common problem areas of new guitarists:

  • Playing chords correctly
  • Moving between chords

Then, I share my complete overview, from beginner to advanced, of how to become an advanced chord player.

1. Playing chords
     1. Notes ring clear
          1. Fingers on intended strings
          2. thumb position
          3. Arm position
     2. Strumming
          1. Holding and angle of the pick
          2. Down up strums
          3. Dealing with unintended strings
     3. Chord shapes
          1. CAGED
          2. Bar chords
          3. Stretches
2. Changing chords
     1. Finger movement
          1. Optimized changes
          2. Muscle memory
          3. Building strength
     2. Timing
          1. Thinking ahead - game
          2. It takes time to change
          3. building speed
3. Advancing your chords
     1. Beginner
          1. Open position
          2. Diatonic chords
          3. Bar chords
     2. Intermediate
          1. Theory
          2. Extensions
          3. 4 note Voicings
     3. Advanced
          1. Altered chords
          2. Substitution chords



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