Getting Back Into Guitar - 036

Here are the most important things to consider when you are starting up again and want to be successful.




Today’s episode is a little different. Today is about getting back up on the horse and trying to ride again. That’s right, it’s about starting to play guitar after quitting for a while.


Getting back to playing guitar after you gave up or had to put it down is tough. It’s tough enough just finding a way to really learn the guitar. But, put on top of that previous discouragement and frustration and doubt. It gets really difficult to have an enjoyable experience coming back.


In my previous group classes I’ve dealt with this a lot. And it’s not just a one size fits all problem. There are so many different reasons why people put down the guitar. The range is pretty broad. But I’ve found that in helping others come back to the guitar, the things that help aren’t so different. I found myself repeating the same things a lot to different students.


And, when that happens, I know that these are things that could help a lot of people have a successful return to the guitar. So I’m going to bring these to you today.


You may or may not have ever quit playing guitar. But I’m sure that you may have had a good bit of frustration from time to time. These tips are good to have in those circumstances as well.


So, today is about taking the negative things in your journey and leaving them behind to creating a positive atmosphere. One that we can shut out all of the things that hold us back, and held some of us back so much that we put the guitar down for a while, and start moving ahead at full speed.


This is going to be really helpful! I enjoyed going through it and getting it all in order for the show today.


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