Funk Rhythm Guitar - 028

Today, I share my favorite exercise for funk rhythm guitar. It’s really fun and will make your rhythm playing super focused and super funky



Funk guitar, while so much fun, has it’s challenges. The first challenge, which we went over last week is what chords to use.

The more you listen to funk, the more cool voicings you will find. But, to me, the essential part of funk guitar, the part that you just cant get past is the rhythm.

The rhythm of funk guitar is not just part of how cool it sounds, It also plays an essential role in the song its self.

The guitar is three things, melodic, chordal and rhythmic. And in funk guitar the rhythmic aspect comes straight to the forefront!

You have heard it in so many funky songs. It could be the placement of the chord on an off beat or the scratch of the strings, back and forth, that pushes the song further along.

Or, it could be the rhythm of muted strings accented with the up and down slope of a wah wah pedal.

Today, I am going to give you my favorite funk rhythm guitar exercise that will help fuel your funk and keep you locked in with the drummer for the rest of your funky days!

Check out:

for more info, sound clips and chord diagrams for this exercise!


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