Dialing in a Marshall Dsl 50 - 088

podcast Sep 04, 2019


Today, I’m cranking up my trusty Marshall DSL 50.

I show the process for getting all of your basic gig tones from this relatively inexpensive but awesome workhorse amplifier.


Last week we went over the basic fender sound. 

I thought this week that I would round things out.

Getting some other classic tones from an amp that is not designed to run clean takes a whole different approach.

With the fender, a lot of the time we were pushing it with pedals to get different tones.

With this style of gained up amp, there is much more emphasis on rolling back your volumes to take advantage of all of the cool tones that happen lower on your guitar volume knob.

This is something that we did on a live stream that I know will help a lot of players that have trouble getting tones

To check out the 100 watt version on Amazon, click here:

Marshall DSL 100 on Amazon


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