Blues Electric Guitar Tone - 022

Today, I continue my blues guitar mini series talking about tone, what gear to get, and some tips to use it effectively.


Classic Gear

On today’s episode I’m going to go through the classic gear that has built the classic tones in the blues. And I’ll do this in a way that you can put these things into categories with the names of famous players who use this gear to get their signature sounds.

Why do this? Is it so that you will run out and buy a bunch of expensive gear…

No. Definitely not.

But, once you know the sound of, and application of a certain amp or pedal or guitar, You can make more informed decisions with what gear you use.

For example if you know you love the way a super reverb sounds and that its the tone you are after, you could find amps similar to that to get you in the ball park.

Or if you have to have that super reverb, you could start saving without wasting your money on other amps that wouldn’t give you the tone you were looking for.

It’s no fun when you have to guess about an amp or pedal only to purchase it, get it home, and be underwhelmed by the tone it offers.

So this knowledge along with tips on the settings of the amps, guitar choices and pedal choices, is all very important to achieve that signature tone that you are looking for.

To today is a bit of a gear day, which is always fun for me! I like to throw in a few gear episodes once in a while to keep things fun!


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