Best Blues Chords for Guitar Players – 021

Make sure you know the chords you need to play the blues!

On today's episode I work my way through the chords you will find when you are playing blues songs.


 Last week I made the case for why you would want to be better versed in the blues, even if that is not the style that you are playing. But today, I’m going to continue this mini series of playing the blues for guitar players with an overview of the chords of the blues.

It’s easy to think well, the blues is so simple, it must not be too difficult to play. But, with any style of music, over time there is advancement. The blues can go from very simple to very complicated quickly.

So since I suggested that you go ahead and start learning something, it’s only fair if I help you get started, right? I think so. So today is to get you prepared for what you are going to find along the way. To make sure you are knowledgable about the chords that make up this style of music.

Also, last week I let you know about a free video lesson that I made available for you at: It’s called “Get your blues soloing under control” It’s my lesson for you that has the six steps I’ve found that will give you the foundations for playing killer blues solos.

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