Basic Gig Setup: Single Amp With Pedals - 030

Getting your rig right for playing a gig can quickly get overwhelming. Choosing a simple setup can sound great, save time, and free up your mind to concentrate on more musical things!



Getting your setup right for playing a gig can quickly get overwhelming. With so many choices of gear and so many different ways to route your guitar signal, getting a setup that just works is harder that you might think.

Today, I go over “old faithful”. The setup that has worked for countless guitarists and is hear on countless recordings and stages: A simple guitar, pedals, amp setup. 

Just because this is a simple setup, doesn’t mean that you won’t have some issues getting a great tone. I go over several different ways that the single amp setup can be used and have tone tips for getting the most out of it!


Play Guitar Facebook Group


I also talk a bit about our new group on Facebook: Play Guitar Facebook Group. I share all of the fun we are having. This week has been all about gear. Acoustics, pickups, string gauges, effects units… you name it.

We have a really great group of players there! It’s been all about asking questions and helping each other out. I’m really happy to be a part of it, and I encourage you to join! Just go to: to sign up. 


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