Understanding Blues Guitar - 020

Not knowing how the Blues works could be the thing that is holding you back from progressing in Rock, Jazz, Country, and many other types of guitar based music. Today, I help build your strong Blues foundation.


Well ladies and gents . I made it . Episode number 20. I think this is the first milestone that in my mind that I set for myself. To get to 20. It’s been so much fun and I have so much cool stuff planned. But, I wanted to really just focus on this show and get used to trying to bring really valuable content each week.

I’m just getting more and more excited about this show and all of the next steps I have planned. But, today I want to celebrate. And how do you celebrate, why with gifts of course.

I have a gift for you. Ive been very fortunate to be able to message with and hang out with some of you and It’s really been a lot of fun. I love talking guitar..


As you can tell. For me there is always something to talk about, whether it is about gear or playing or recording or great guitar players.. It’s just endless. And I’ve enjoyed every second of talking guitar with you. And, the suggestions that I’ve got from you have steered the show in some really cool new directions.

I noticed though that a lot of time, we start talking about soloing, specifically blues soloing. And a lot of time It’s about how to get it to sound “right”. How to really outline the chords and get past that initial stage of just using the blues box.

So yesterday morning I fired up the camera and got to work. And what I created Is a video lesson I have for you called “ Get your Blues Soloing Under Control”

It really turned out great and I’m so excited to make it available to you. So, To celebrate this first milestone, the 20th episode,

I’m making this available to you. Just go to www.freeblueslesson.com to get this very cool video lesson that takes you through the six steps I’ve found that will give you the foundations for playing killer blues solos. I’m just starting to get into video lessons but I wanted to get this done first and make it available to you all who have found this podcast first.

So, thank you again for celebrating with me today. And in keeping with the theme of “ get your blues soloing under control”, Today’s show is going to get into the blues a bit. The blues has been an important part of my guitar playing and something I really enjoy playing and teaching. But, not everyone is familiar with the progressions and patterns associated with that style of music. And that could be a big reason that you may not be moving forward the way you might want. 


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