Effects Pedals, the Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 3 - 019 - PGP
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Effects Pedals, the Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 3 - 019

Today, I’m talking Pedals, Pedals, and more Pedals!

Effects Pedals


I love guitar pedals. They are such fun. Get a few well researched pedals and they can take your playing to new heights. They can take your regular guitar and amp sound and supercharge it.

I’m going to continue this series of episodes in the same way that I presented the last two: greatly generalizing them.

Especially with pedals, its so easy to get trapped in the “this one does this but that one does that”, indecisive rut. I am going to try to get away from that and give a birds eye view of a giant pedalboard. Really boiling them down to their essentials.

I have my own opinions as to which ones are great and others not so much. But it never fails, I go out and see another player who’s tone sounds great and then check out what they are using. There you go, using the same pedal that I thought sounded terrible. What do I know right!

Like I said this is an overview, and I’m doing this for a reason. I’d like to get everyone on the same page with the basics of guitar pedals. This will give me a launching point to do more in depth shows later on down the road focusing on certain pedals with lots of sound clips and different uses for them.

But for now, I’d like to just get the basic knowledge and uses down. There is a lot to this episode, and I want to keep this episode to a reasonable length. So let’s get started. Here it is, The path to understanding stomp boxes!

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