Amplifiers, the Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 2 - 018

Once you understand how classic amps are used for different styles of music, you will be able to make better decisions with your own gear



On todays episode I’m continuing down the path to great guitar tone with part 2: Amplifiers.

Yep those stacks of suitcase looking things lined up behind your favorite guitar players. What are they. What effect does an amplifier have on my sound. If I’m looking to buy one, what do I need to know.

Amps do a lot more that just make you louder. They have an incredible impact on your tone as well. And Not every amplifier sounds great for every style of music or situation.

So today, I’m going to take a broad look at the amp situation. We need a starting point before spending a ton of our hard earned money. A quick look at the history of amplifiers and how they have been used on stage and on classic recordings will make things a lot simpler.

Everything from the smallest practice amp up to the loudest stack is intended to do the same thing: Make the sound of your guitar appropriate for the situation you are in.

Have you ever used an amp that just wasn’t cutting it? That just didn’t sound great or wasn’t loud enough. The way a guitar player wants to sound is a very personal thing.

Most want to sound as good as their favorite players, but, still having their own signature. Take an idea from one player and some from another player and come up with your own sound. It’s tough to do when this stuff costs so much money.

The search for an amplifier is tough and there are so many choices to make. And, I hate making choices without having the right information ahead of time. And I don’t want that for you.

So today, we are going to take the same approach that I did last week with guitars. I’m going to start generalizing. Creating simple categories of amps to help get your head around the basics.

Once you know the basics, Then there is plenty of time to get into the finer points of amplifier acquisition. But we need a starting point. What are the amps generally used in a certain style.


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