The Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 1 - 017 - Play Guitar Podcast
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The Path to Great Guitar Tone: Part 1 - 017

Today, I start down the path to great guitar tone. It’s all about what guitar to get for the style that you want to play.

Getting the right guitar for the job


On todays episode titled The path to great guitar tone: part 1, I’m going to start to help players who are unsure of what equipment to use for different styles of music.

This is a big topic and there is never an easy answer. But when you take a look at the classic recordings of your favorite style of music, you start to see some similarities in the gear that is used.

Certain guitars, amps, and pedals tend to be used to get certain sounds in a style. That classic gear is a great starting point. Once you know what the common gear is for a style, you can then decide to emulate those sounds, or to go for something different. You have your frame of reference.

Last week, I had a marathon episode full of tips about how to make small changes to the minor pentatonic scale to get big rewards. It was filled full of things to try on the guitar. I wanted to change it up a bit today and work on some knowledge that will move you forward. So today I thought I’d start my series on getting the right tone.

To me, getting your right tone is super important. When you are playing gear that isn’t that great or is just wrong for the style you are playing, it’s like you are playing with one arm tied behind your back. It makes everything more difficult.

Part one of this series starts with the most important part of your tone. Your guitar

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