Trapped in the Pentatonic Box - 016

podcast Apr 17, 2018

Today I’m going to share a technique that I use to help guitarists who can’t seem to get past playing pentatonic scales.



On todays episode titled Are you “Trapped in the Pentatonic box?” I have some very cool and simple ideas for you to start moving past pure pentatonic playing.

It’s so common to see the frustration on one of my students face when they try to move into different sounds than the minor pentatonic.

I like to teach the guitar neck as a whole. Spending a week getting familiar with each position, and ultimately have all of the positions of a certain scale.

But sometimes, an easier approach may be just what’s needed to open up yourself to new ideas. Sometimes small changes can have the biggest effects. I know for me it works a lot. Sometimes just taking a different approach, or looking at something in a different way can give you a serious boost.

The techniques you will find in this episode show you how to take the most common guitar scale pattern and change it to get great results in different sounds and styles of guitar playing.


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