Bust Out of Your Guitar Plateau! - 015

Today, I help players get through the dreaded Guitar Plateau. I break down the reasons that this might happen and what you can do to bust through your guitar rut!

On today’s episode:


I’m going to deal with the thing I like the least in my journey with the guitar: The Guitar Plateau. 

You might feel like your guitar playing isn’t going anywhere. You are not moving up and you are not moving down. You’ve just leveled off and no matter how much effort you put in, everything just seems the same.

I’ve gone through a lot of these and I’ve helped a lot of students through their guitar rut. It’s never any fun. But, I can say to you, If you are in a rut with your guitar playing, there are some simple tips that can get you through this phase very quickly.

Today, as I take on the dreaded guitar plateau. I talk about the things that could be contributing to this plateau, and organize them using the feelings that come along with a rut:

  • Boredom
  • Impatience
  • the feeling of spinning your wheels
  • confusion
  • feeling overworked
  • frustration about not having enough time to spend with the guitar

I’ll give you tips to deal with the problems that contribute to each of these feelings.

And finally, I give my favorite tip for busting out of a guitar plateau:

The Guitar Timeline

I know that we all go through this from time to time. Even if you aren’t currently in a guitar rut, I’m sure that this could help you the next time you start to hit that plateau.

Listener Feedback


This week I had a great message from Jason and a very cool website recommendation from Chris. Also, some great news about one of my students: Cheryl!



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