What Chords Sound Good Together on the Guitar? - 012

Today, I answer the question: What Chords Sound Good Together On The Guitar? To do that, we are going to learn all about Diatonic Chords



On todays episode titled: What chords sound good together on the guitar? We are going to start to answer this question from all the way at the bottom.The ground zero of chord changes:

Diatonic chords.

These are the chords with the strongest relationships and the ones that are heard most often in popular music.

I’ll go through how to construct these chords and some easy formulas to be able to quickly know what “good” chords are available in any key you need.

This is a topic that I get asked a lot about and to really answer it in a way that puts you on the right track, but doesn’t get so deep into music theory that you just tune out has always been a challenge.


  • I introduce what basic diatonic chords are. They are chords built from different notes in the scale.
  • I built our chords and gave them each a number.
  • I shared a formula that shows that in all major keys, the diatonic chords are 1M,2m,3m,4M,5M,6m,7d
  • I introduced basic intervals or distances between the chord notes and how those intervals determine wherther hte chored id major minor or diminished.
  • And finally I gave you some things to try the next time you have your guitar around.

So Now that you understand where these basic chords relationships come from, do you see anything familliar in the songs the you already know? Let me know in the show notes or on twitter. I’d love to see what you have found!

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