Improvising Over Chords - 008

podcast Feb 20, 2018

Today, I talk about soloing over chords, and the four sticky situations you need to plan for!


On todays episode titled: Improvising over chords, I’m going to take a beginning approach to playing melodies over chord progressions.

I’ve found that there is really four different situations that you will find yourself in as you start to use the guitar as a melodic instrument.

This isn’t just for beginners though. Getting this together has really helped me put into words something that has been developing over time.

I didn’t consciously realize these were the four different situations I deal with over and over again creating leads for songs. I would just deal with the song on hand and go on autopilot.

But now that I have gotten this down and spelled it out, I can see the same four situations I go through over and over again. And seeing this (not written down but typed out) has started something in my mind.

I’m getting ideas for what I’m going to do the next time I make a lead. I’m actually able to see the path I take.

Writing down my process, because I’m wanting to share this with you, has really made things clearer.

My playing is really benefiting from this podcastI think just as much as the folks who have been so kind as to leave a review for the show, or ask questions.

Well, how is that. You hear it said that “teachers get just as much out of teaching as the student.” I’ve always heard that and thought… well that sound nice, but.. Naaaa.

But, I’m here to tell you, It’s true….. All of it!

My tip for the day is…. Show someone else how to do something you love. There is something about putting things into your own words, that gives you a very special perspective.

It’s a different way at looking at something that you may take for granted. “Ok, that’s how I do that, how can I improve on it, or take it in a different direction.”

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Improvising over chords

On todays show, I go over this week’s topic of playing scales and improvising over chords. All of this information is contained in the complimentary blog post. You can follow along with the show by clicking here:


Creating the Band


Song 9 – this is just a bit of slide guitar. I’ve been listening to a lot of Sonny Landreth lately, and I found this clip in my stash of song ideas I’ve recorded.

It’s not much, and I thought I might use this as a transition between segments on the show. In fact I think I will.

I really like the vibe of how this was recorded so I think I’m also going to write a song that compliments this clip.

 I think I’m needing a little slide on this album and I’m excited to see what the end result will be!


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