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Solos That Make Sense

 Playing AIMLESS solos will be a thing of your past! You'll be able to create effortless guitar licks that match your song perfectly... every time!

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Control over your note choices

Understanding how Chords and Scales relate and compliment each other.

Melodies that connect

Being able to move seamlessly between strong and weak notes to have control over tension and release.


Exercises to build your skills

Work arpeggios, sequences, approach notes, 1/4, 8th, and 16th note drills into your daily practice. 


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MODULE #1 - Intro to Smart Note Choices

Learn the basics of targeting the harmony of the song so you have command of all the Strong and Weak notes in your solo. 

MODULE #2 - Basic Minor Melody Targeting

Learn to recognize Chord/Tone Soloing in guitar licks and build a new system that's not built on scale patterns.

MODULE #3 - Chord Tone Vs. Chord Scale

Connecting strong notes with large intervals or traveling between strong and weak notes both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

MODULE #4 - Blues Solos That Make Sense

Creating a blues solo that uses ALL the sounds that work over dominant chords has never been easier using chord tones.

MODULE #5 - Connecting the Dots

Connect strong notes over different rhythmic values using several different methods for very strong melody lines.

MODULE #6 - Putting It All Together

Learn how to take what you've learned from this course and get the most out of it in your daily playing. 

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