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What's it worth to be able to play rhythm guitar just like a professional, embellish all of your chords for maximum impact, and have the confidence to create interesting fills in any song?

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Improving Your Rhythm Guitar Chops

If you want to create awesome fills between chords and add seamless embellishments - you've got to OWN the notes around your chords on every string. Lee teaches an easy and straightforward approach that will open up your fretboard and jumpstart your rhythm guitar confidence.

Bonus #1 - Double Stop Embellishments

Learn to add soul and intensity to all of your melodies. Lee's step-by-step guide will teach you the double stops that are related to the chords you already know. By weaving these double stops around your foundational chords, you'll always be just a few frets away from injecting flair and finesse into your melodies.

Bonus #2 - Chord Symbols Demystified

Open up a world of possibilities! Jam with other musicians seamlessly, transpose songs on the fly, and communicate musical ideas effortlessly. Go beyond the fretboard, and gain a deeper understanding of the harmonic language. Lee's step-by-step approach ensures that you not only grasp the theory but also apply it practically in your playing.

Bonus #3 - Smoother Chord Switching

Start practicing Lee's tried-and-true techniques for maximizing the efficiency of your chord transitions. Discover the strategies that make switching between chords feel like second nature.  You'll learn how to identify and overcome common chord-changing pitfalls and how to isolate and practice stubborn changes.  

Learn the Basics of My System For Chords and Scales 

Learning the basics of Lee's chord and scale system isn't just a step; it's a leap toward mastery. Drawing from years of experience teaching both individual and group lessons, Lee has meticulously crafted an approach that demystifies the relationship between chords and scales, presenting the most effective ways to use them. 

Yes! I Want The $7 Chord Elevation Toolkit!


Grow Your Rhythm Guitar Skills

Have you ever wondered how guitar players effortlessly embellish and make fills over chord progressions?

Leading online guitar coach and host of Play Guitar Podcast, Lee Anderson, shows you exactly HOW to add polish and interest to your chord progressions and WHY it works (so you can do it again... in any situation).

Play Guitar Academy's

Chord Elevation Toolkit

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  • Lee Anderson's Student-tested Chord Embellishment System 
  • String by string embellishments for all open-position chords
  • Full Training: All about Embellshments
  • Bonus #1: Double Stop Embellishments
  • Bonus #2: Chord Symbols Demystified
  • Bonus #3: Smoother Chord Switching
  • Bonus #4: The Academy Chord/Scale System
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Take advantage of the additional pieces of training that are specifically picked to take on the common problems of rhythm guitarists.

From chord symbols to switching problems and double stops, the extra training prepares you for a winning road ahead.



Keep Your Momentum Going - You're Not Doing This Alone

As you work your way through the training, you have the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Connecting with other students and instructors will keep you from getting stuck and keep your guitar progress constant.

A message from Lee Anderson:

Owner and instructor of Play Guitar Academy 


Hey there Player!

If you are ready, today can be the very last day of your guitar frustration!

Since you are reading this, I'm sure you know what a struggle learning the guitar has become.

With the 24/7 information firehose and the self-guided à la carte method of picking disjointed videos to learn from, it's harder than ever to get good at guitar.

Since the YouTube guitar explosion, I've been helping frustrated players make sense of the chaos and I've shown them the path to real, steady, and predictable results.

You see, the guitar isn't difficult it's just not obvious. It's not the user-friendly experience that we have all become used to.

The skills you learn... MUST be learned in order. They build upon each other. When you do that, things speed up VERY QUICKLY!

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