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Chord Elevation Toolkit

Special Limited Time Offer

Take your chord embellishments to the next level. You will be able to take all of the major chord forms and be able to improvise INSIDE the chords like a pro. 


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What You'll Get:

  • "All About Embellishments" I take you through every type of embellishment so, you'll have a huge palette of colors to use over all of your chord progressions.

  • "The Toolkit" Working from string to string from each of your open chords, I show you all of the different note choices you have to create interesting rhythm parts in any song. 

  • Bonus #1 - Double Stop Embellishments Learn to surround your open-position chords with double stops to get anything from funky chord stops to elegant moving harmony.

  • Bonus #2 - Chord Symbols Demystified Learn the language of rhythm guitar. I this training, I teach you all of the common chord symbols so you'll be informed, save your ideas, and communicate with other musicians.

  • Bonus #3 - Smoother Chord Switching  Discover the strategies that make switching between chords feel like second nature.  You'll learn how to identify and overcome common chord-changing pitfalls and how to isolate and practice stubborn changes.

  • Bonus #4 - My Chord Scale System  Drawing from years of experience teaching both individual and group lessons, Lee has meticulously crafted an approach that simplifies the relationship between chords and scales, presenting the most effective ways to use them.


Why Should You Get This Offer?


Grow Your Rhythm Guitar Skills

Have you ever wondered how guitar players effortlessly embellish and make fills over chord progressions?

Leading online guitar coach and host of Play Guitar Podcast, Lee Anderson shows you exactly HOW to add polish and interest to your chord progressions and WHY it works (so you can do it again... in any situation).

Bonus Training Builds Your Musicianship

Take advantage of the additional pieces of training that are specifically picked to take on the common problems of rhythm guitarists.

From chord symbols to switching problems and double stops, the extra training prepares you for a winning road ahead.

Keep Your Momentum Going - You're Not Doing This Alone

As you work your way through the training, you have the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Connecting with other students and instructors will keep you from getting stuck and keep your guitar progress constant.



What People Are Saying:

I am 10 times the player I was and feel I can now hold my own.

Chris W. Durham, UK

I have improved more over the past year following Lee’s roadmap than I had in the previous 5 years!

Marty M. - New Jersey, US

I encourage anyone who is on the fence about joining PGA to get a running start and hop on over.

Evan R. - Pennsylvania, US

He’s the real deal. He is truly passionate about seeing you succeed!

Jim L. - Perth, AU