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Start HERE Guitar! Cyber Monday

What if you knew, ahead of time, the pitfalls of learning guitar? 

Or even better, what if you had someone who’s not only been there before but has led many other new guitarists around these pitfalls with a proven method to success on the guitar?

What if that person sat down with you every day to practice and make sure that you didn't miss anything that could keep you from the good stuff?

This is my super successful beginner method that has been used and refined for years in every one of my beginner classes. It’s fun, informative, and makes sure that while you are developing your initial skills correctly, you don’t miss any of the important foundational skills necessary to continue to progress from beginner to advanced in the shortest time possible!

Start HERE guitar!” is my 11 week course that is ground zero for learning the guitar! 

In this course, you will be introduced to:

  • Super effective Technique exercises 
  • The basic chords you need to play tons of songs
  • Basic strumming that is needed to play most songs
  • How to understand and read tablature (guitar short-hand notation)
  • And, just enough basic music theory, at just the right time, so you understand what you are doing, and know how to apply it to many songs and solos for years to come.

All of this, with the option to follow a scheduled daily guided practice or to learn at your own pace on your own schedule.