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Solos That Make Sense Bundle


Playing AIMLESS solos will be a thing of your past! You'll be able to create effortless guitar licks that match your song perfectly... every time!

Learn how Chord-Tone and Chord-Scale soloing can change everything about your solos!


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What You'll Get in the Bundle:

  • Full Course - All 6 Modules of "Solos that Make Sense" - Ear and Skill training for the guitarist the wants to advance his or her playing to the most expressive level.

  • All three days of replays from my online event: "Unlock the Thrills of Lead Guitar" 

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What People Are Saying:

He’s the real deal. He is truly passionate about seeing you succeed!

Jim L. - Perth, AU

I am 10 times the player I was and feel I can now hold my own.

Chris W. Durham, UK

I encourage anyone who is on the fence about joining PGA to get a running start and hop on over.

Evan R. - Pennsylvania, US

I have improved more over the past year following Lee’s roadmap than I had in the previous 5 years!

Marty M. - New Jersey, US