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Start HERE Guitar Special Limited Offer!

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What if you knew, ahead of time, the pitfalls of learning guitar? 

Or even better, what if you had someone who’s not only been there before but has led many other new guitarists around these pitfalls with a proven method to success on the guitar?

What if that person sat down with you every day to practice and make sure that you didn't miss anything that could keep you from the good stuff?

This is my super successful beginner method that has been used and refined for years in every one of my beginner classes. It’s fun, and informative, and makes sure that while you are developing your initial skills correctly, you don’t miss any of the important foundational skills necessary to continue to progress from beginner to advanced in the shortest time possible!

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"The Academy" is my monthly membership site that gives you access to all of my Premium Roadmap courses, live group classes, single-topic lessons, and my super helpful community (the "Woodshed").

So come on in, sign up, check out the Get Started series of courses, and take a look around.

Start HERE guitar!” is my 11-week course that is ground zero for learning the guitar! 

In this course, you will be introduced to:

  • Super effective Technique exercises 
  • The basic chords you need to play tons of songs
  • Basic strumming that is needed to play most songs
  • How to understand and read tablature (guitar short-hand notation)
  • And, just enough basic music theory, at just the right time, so you understand what you are doing, and know how to apply it to many songs and solos for years to come.

All of this, with the option to follow a scheduled daily guided practice or to learn at your own pace on your own schedule.

What People Are Saying:

I finished Lee’s Start Here Now 101 online class a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t wait for the Play Guitar Academy to launch to continue my guitar playing journey. I jumped in and am now working on 102 Solid Strumming. Lee is a fantastic teacher and walks you though the lessons with a very helpful, encouraging, and patient attitude. The way the lessons are structured keeps you engaged and moving forward but not overwhelmed. I have asked multiple questions of Lee and the responses are timely and very helpful. If you are interested in playing guitar, I highly suggest you give Play Guitar Academy consideration, I am a very satisfied student.

Collin R

I have improved more over the past year following Lee’s roadmap than I had in the previous 5 years! It has provided the structure and focus to give me a solid foundation to build upon and grow in my guitar journey.

Marty M.

Love this course so far it’s given me something solid to focus on for practicing. I have strayed from the path a few times to try and learn songs I like to listen to and just when I start to feel like I’m not making progress anymore this course puts me right back on track. The anticipation of being able to play things that sound good for other people is huge but I know I’m on the right path.

John M.

Like so many others, I tried learning guitar using books, online videos, and private lessons. However, they all seemed to lack direction. I was working my way through another Online beginner guitar course when I started listening to the Play Guitar Academy Podcast. In one of the Podcasts, I remember Lee telling his audience to pick a course and stick with it. I finished the beginner course and started the next online course offered by that company. However, it went from beginner to advance. I wondered if there was something in between, so I e-mailed that question to the contact information on the course’s website. I did not get a reply. During the following month I e-mailed a few more times, did not get a reply, and continued to struggle with the advance course. After a while I decided to e-mail Lee Anderson at the Play Guitar Academy, just to see if he would reply. I was surprised when I received an e-mail from Lee a few days later. We exchanged a few more e-mails and as a result I had a video call with Lee & I became a member of the Play Guitar Academy. Since I had previously listened to several of the Play Guitar Academy Podcasts, it felt like I met a celebrity that day. As a result of completing another beginner course a few weeks prior, I completed the first few weeks of the “Start HERE course” in about two days each, but eventually fell into the 1 week per class pace when I got to the level where the other course left off. I appreciate that the lessons in the Play Guitar Academy are taught very thoroughly, so I no longer need to slow down the video to catch the technique being taught, like was required in the competitors course as well as in many of the online videos.

Duane C

Next week I finish the 101 course. I assume you went over all this stuff in the 101 course? Thanks a million for the patience you have in daily practices. Your attention to detail, words of encouragement, and professionalism make the course comfortable and fun. I really appreciate the music theory! I’m enjoying extending my learning to memorizing the scales, you know, going back and reviewing, and learning to read music. Really looking forward to the 102 course.

Christine L.

I'm a new guitar player and have been following Lee since the beginning of Play Guitar Podcast, mostly listening and being encouraged while not always believing in myself enough to put the work behind what I wanted to do. Lee's honesty and ability to relate to the struggle of being a beginner in a world that seems saturated with people who are much farther along is what encourages me to keep learning and keep using his content. I am really excited to start the academy as I believe it will be a fantastic companion musically and mentally to the work I'm already doing to move toward being the musician I want to be.

Liz H

I have just started the 101 course and am very excited. Starting this course has removed all my "online guitar learning anxiety". I no longer wonder whether I am missing out on something important, I don't feel like I need to chase information on the internet. All I need is right here, whether it is related to rhythm guitar, lead guitar, music theory, improvisation and so on. Cool sounding guitar concepts are no longer a distraction but a motivation to keep practicing to get to them. Most importantly for me: the course has weekly exercises for practicing everything it teaches, so I always know what to do when I sit down to practice.

Erik R.