Academy Days Week 2 Questions

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Question 1 of 6

Episode 231: What has been your breakthrough moment with improvising?

Question 2 of 6

Episode 232: Does the relationship between scales and chords make sense to you? How would you describe their relationship?

Question 3 of 6

Episode 233: Have you found that you frequently use open position chords in your playing?





Question 4 of 6

Episode 234: Have you used triplet feel in your music? What do you find more difficult to play: Eighth, quarter, or half note triplets?

Question 5 of 6

Episode 235: Do you play boogie patterns on guitar? In what songs have you found elements of boogie patterns?

Question 6 of 6

Episode 236: Have you tried bar chord boogie patterns? Did you succeed or give up? What was your experience?

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